The art of bridal makeup artistry enhances the beauty of your wedding portraits and the photography  will be breathtaking and  unforgettable. 

  Artistry by Sandy  makeup tips this year include large smokey eyes and colorful shadows. Hair styles include romantic hair with soft cascading curls to frame the face.

Natural looking bridal makeup remain traditional and popular because it is a timeless look.  

Your vision of beauty is my pleasure …..   “It’s All About You”



  1. WOW. Stunning. She is fantastic! Stephanie will do very well here in Coastal Carolina, these are stunning images. (I also love her website)

    • Thank you Tim!
      We are happy to have Stephanie back on the East Coast. Looking forward to working with her once again.
      There’s business year round in Coastal Carolina.


  2. Absolutely gorgeous!

    • Ms Tanya;

      Coming from another professional Makeup Artist I appreciate your comment so much.

      We are very happy Stephanie is back on the East Coast…she still travels for Photo Shoots but based here now…
      BTW! Love your Serum and all the line…I must get with you this fall.


  3. It’s absolutely beautiful. I’d use you if I have a partner/am in the States!

    • Bevan ‘thank you’…. wish you were here too. ;-) Stephanie travels….she is a destination Photographer.
      I stick closer to home unless it’s a really special Photo Shoot.


  4. Phenomenal shots. I can comfortably speak on behalf of the rest of Wilmington, NC and say that we’re lucky to have you and your services!

    • Thank you William Lang,….we are very happy to have Stephanie here. Hope you get to meet her and her husband soon…


  5. Beautiful work! Stephanie Moore is quite the photographic artist.

    • Greg …’thanks’…I am passing all of these kind comments on to Stephanie.
      She is a fabulous Photographer and I’m so happy to be able to work with her again.


  6. Stephanie,

    Your work is amazing, your are just a truly talented photographer!

    • Dawn;
      Thank you,it’s nice to get compliments. Stephanie is amazing and I think we work well together…..


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