Who does my hair? I’m often asked who colors and cuts my hair so I’m giving Lyn Crompton a great big ‘Shout Out’ …and thank you.

Lyn is totally into her profession and loves pleasing her clients. I can be a difficult client because of my high standards. Lyn deserves a compliment and praise for consistently doing a fabulous job with my hair. She’s been a creative cosmetologist since 1993 and often says “making her clients ‘feel good’ about their hair is her top priority.”

Lyn Crompton  presently works in the Monkey Junction area. She’s been my hairstylist and colorist for the last 4 years. She presently works at the Hair Studio. 910.792.0121

Fun link!  “Out Of The Box” Photography, Makeup and Hairstyles:  http://vodpod.com/watch/865928-stephanie-with-bambi-cantrell?mp=1&pod=smptoday

Photography & retouch by:   Jim Downing    www.jimdowningphotography.com


  1. Sandy, I love what Lyn did with your hair. Like the layers and just a wisp of bangs…& the color is beautiful. Also, I like the straight look. You look fantastic…

    Appreciate your website Sandy. I’m forever getting tips on makeup and hair from you.
    I’m going bolder with my eye makeup, still trying to master the false eyelashes. LOL. Thanks so much for all you do in helping others feel good and look good.

    Donna Quinn

  2. Thank you Donna!
    I love helping woman feel good about themselves! It’s appreciated when those like Lynn go that extra step to give me great service.
    Donna, yours is a touching compliment. Thank you again for the lovely comment and praise.


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