Weddings during the summer months in humid climates like we have in North Carolina  require special care with makeup application. 

“Beach or Garden” weddings will need added support because your outside for most of the wedding day photography. The bride and bridal party will want their makeup to stay fresh looking and flawless for all the photography from the bridal shots,  during the  wedding and throughout the reception. 

 The best makeup for humid climates is a cream to powder foundation  that’s oil free.  Wear a light powder if you need to control more shine and your photography will turn out beautiful… 

 Moore Photography by Stephanie Moore >   

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  1. Stephanie Williams |

    Sandy, thank you.
    I was so nervous about my very first photo session and you were so calm and confident throughout the process. Having never had my make-up done professionally, I had no idea what to expect. The photos turned out beautifully and held up through the shoot with no touch-ups needed. What can’t be captured in the photos is how soothing you are to a bride that is so anxious for everything to be “picture perfect.” I can’t wait for our trial session to see what kind of magic you’re going to work on our wedding day. So, from David and I, thank you for making our engagement photos so special and we look forward to working with you and your team on our wedding day.
    steph and david

    Feb 26, 1:38 PM —

  2. Stephanie and David;

    I am so looking forward to your trial session and Wedding day! We will have fun and enjoy both…..
    Always, Sandy
    I can’t wait to see the Wedding Photography!

  3. This bride is stunning and the photo…just incredible! Not sure I have ever seen a bridal portrait like that, but gorgeous!

  4. great capture, thanks for sharing

  5. Stunning photography, Sandy. Where do you find these gorgeous shots? Is this the same person who takes yours?

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