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Spring and Summer Makeup for Wedding’s and All Occasion’s is prettier than ever.  After years of telling women to choose between strong eyes and strong lips, both can be strong.  This actually helps balance out the trends of the black and white power suits, floaty nightgown dresses or white eyelet sheaths.  How wonderful to actually have options, we can ‘flirt with glamour’ this season….which is exactly what us girls love to do.

Brows are strong this year….so don’t over tweeze…. just keep them groomed and arched, add highlighter to the brow bone….. it adds glam to the entire eye area. For us mature girls it gives us an instant eye ‘lift’ …. a makeup trick for younger looking eyes.

While the hottest runway looks involve wearing a fiery orange red lip most of us aren’t even close to looking like Audrey Hepburn or Ava Gardner;  so it’s best to go with a strong matte lipstick in peach or pink. ( lipstick, not lip gloss). The key to great looking lips is a a lipstick that’s satiny, a silky look that’s not too dewy and not too matte — add a light foundation, triple coat those lashes with black mascara or false ‘demi’ lashes … and darling, your … ‘Good To Go!”                            

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